Open Workout

3.9.2016, 14.0015.15
Akademie der Künste
Pariser Platz 4
10117 Berlin, Germany
Open Workout with Lesley Moon
Learn and practice the fundamentals of constructing a simple yet comprehensive training regimen for the entire body


Informed by functional training and resistance-based methods, Lesley Moon’s class will emphasize the basic concepts within fundamental, high-quality movement patterns conceived to improve posture, increase stamina, and generally enforce stability and coordination throughout the body. After a thorough warm-up, the workout will be structured around clusters of movements performed at intervals, with breaks for recovery. All in all, you will learn to challenge your core, maximize intensity and efficiency, reduce your risk of injury, and build greater body awareness.


With the support of NikeLab


Ticket 10 €
Tickets are available at the ticket desk at Akademie der Künste, The Feuerle Collection, KW Institute for Contemporary Art, and online here. Please come in sports clothes.


Photo: Franziska Taffelt