Ashland Mines

"Ohr," 1980, photograph Isa Genzken, courtesy Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

What if you couldn’t get a biennial out of your head? One of several popular formats (the lightbox, the juice bar, the gym, the advertising campaign) recast for the exhibition is a series of original tracks in which artists and musicians have been brought together, offering a collaborative and multi-tonal counterpoint to the often hermetic modes of visual production: music as environment and testimony to collaboration and sharing.
Anthem is the vinyl series of the 9th Berlin Biennale. Artist and musician Total Freedom aka Ashland Mines is the executive producer. Released via The Vinyl Factory in partnership with DIS, the 9th Berlin Biennale and The Store. Preorder on

Ohr, 1980, photograph Isa Genzken, design Chris Sherron, courtesy Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art