Brody Condon

"Level Five," 2010–2011, still from live stream video of a performance, courtesy Brody Condon

* 1974 in Tuxpan, MX, lives and works in Berlin

Brody Condon’s work steeps itself in the psychological and cultural effects of group structures as well as the blending of fantasy and virtuality with everyday life. Level Five (2010–ongoing) is a full-day, live action role playing (LARP) event that investigates the ideological legacy of controversial mass self-actualization seminars from 1970s America. Emotionally intense sessions that attracted thousands of participants hoping to achieve personal transformation, these experiments evolved into the corporate training and self-help seminars of today. In an era dominated by marketing and megacorporate regimes on the one hand, and the expectation of hyper-individuated personal growth practices on the other, Condon’s work is a social experiment staging the tension between individuation and contemporary large-scale alienation.

If you would like to participate to Level Five on September 17 to 18,  please register at

List of works

Level Five, 2010–ongoing

Courtesy Brody Condon
Commissioned and produced by Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art