Installation view of "Verwisch die Spuren! Transparenz, Kommunikation, Effizienz, Stabilität," 2016; courtesy Korpys/Löffler; Meyer Riegger Galerie, Berlin/Karlsruhe; © VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn 2016; photo Timo Ohler

Andree Korpys * 1966 in Bremen, DE, lives and works in Berlin
Markus Löffler * 1963 in Bremen, DE, lives and works in Bremen, DE

Since the mid-nineties Korpys/Löffler have melded conventions of documentary footage, undercover surveillance, and even Hollywood suspense to question the representation of power and the rituals of political protest. Verwisch die Spuren (Cover your tracks!) takes on the paradoxes of transparency, focusing on the European Central Bank Building in Frankfurt am Main, which was designed by Coop Himmelb(l)au—a once radical, avant-garde architectural firm. A sequence shot from the perspective of a person walking through the abandoned new ECB building during a stormy day alternates with scenes filmed with Super 8 on the streets in front of the building during the Blockupy protests of March 18, 2015. This material is interspersed with images of the video and audio equipment used for the recordings, site-related soundbites, and sms and telephone calls quoting the Hand Oracle for City Dwellers by Bertolt Brecht.

List of works

Verwisch die Spuren! 
Transparenz, Kommunikation, Effizienz, Stabilität, 2016

2-channel HD video, color, sound; mixed media, chipboard, polystyrene mirror, pyramid foam
Courtesy Korpys/Löffler; Meyer Riegger Galerie, Berlin/Karlsruhe
Commissioned and produced by Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art

HD video still of Verwisch die Spuren!
Transparenz, Kommunikation, Effizienz, Stabilität
, 2016; courtesy Korpys/Löffler; Meyer Riegger, Berlin/Karlsruhe; photo: Timo Ohler