M/L Artspace

Installation view of "In Bed Together," 2016, courtesy M/L Artspace, photo: Timo Ohler

Founded in 2013
Lena Henke * 1982 in Warburg, DE, lives and works in New York, US
Marie Karlberg * 1985 in Stockholm, lives and works in New York, US

M/L Artspace, run by artists Lena Henke and Marie Karlberg, is not a physical space but a roving project for temporary, socially grounded one-night-only exhibitions in unlikely spaces including nail salons, highway underpasses, and friends’ homes—a response to the usual gallery group shows conceived as sampler albums and represented in clean, hi-res videos on image aggregation websites. For the 9th Berlin Biennale, M/L Artspace has developed new lines of bedding textiles, presented in an installation. Each series of linens represents one of M/L Artspace’s exhibitions over the past three years. The printed sheets incorporate various forms of visual documentation and a text by art critic Andrew Russeth. This “retrospective” appears as an ephemeral installation—all in a craft aesthetic that reflects the fizzling, spontaneous nature of the original shows.

List of works

Installation view of In Bed Together, 2016, courtesy M/L Artspace, photo: Timo Ohler
In Bed Together, 2016

Cotton, linen, wood, screen print, butt prints, rubber, video
Courtesy M/L Artspace
Commissioned and coproduced by Berlin Biennale for Contemporary Art
With the support of Rebecca & Martin Eisenberg, Bed Bath & Beyond, New York; Material Vodka, New York